Tuesday, April 07, 2020
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"Data visualization lends itself extremely well to this kind of information by offering a new narrative form, one that is more factual, graphic, informative, social and interactive.” - Audrée Lapierre

Why Data Analytics is gaining significance?

  • New theories / ideas
  • Look at patterns/stories
  • Deeper understanding
  • Avoids human bias and data driven decisions
  • Can be a business lifeline – e.g. Clinical trials 
  • Democratization of Data - anyone can look at the data to derive their insights. 
Why Explore Data?
Exploring phase helps in discovering hidden / unknown facts so as to formulate the business problem and use tools and techniques to explain the phenomenon, analyze using models and predict future outcomes. 
  • Data are facts.
  • Can offer clues.
  • Exploration is discovery phase – what does it say?
  • Data must drive our actions.
  • Data is the new language of the digital world

Drivers for Data Visualization:


•Organizations data is exploding - volume, velocity and variety of data flow.
•Data are of no use unless business value can be realized.

 Effective Solution: Data Visualization  ( Visual Analytics)

  • Science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces. 
  • Complex nature of many problems (Big Data) makes it indispensable to add human intelligence at an early stage in the data analysis process.
  • One key approach to gaining insight from mountain of data.
  • Enables users to see the trends and patterns (along with gaps and outliers) that are not as easily identified in rows and columns of spreadsheets.
  • Also provides access to huge data sets, such as weather, web traffic, sales and voting records.
  • Data sets of this size have the potential to be overwhelming and inaccessible;
  • Visual communication through use of dashboards and storytelling are compelling and can accelerate decision making.
  • Exploding Data  ( collection & analysis ) is driving organizations to use powerful data visualization software to derive visual insights
  • Human cognition can better interpret patterns from visual analytics
  • Visualizations can help see things that were not obvious before.
  • Visualizations convey information in a compelling and persuasive manner
  • Visual communication / storytelling enables simple sharing of ideas.
  • Universal interpretations:  “Do you see what I see?”
  •                                           “What if we made an adjustment to that territory?”

Today's technology infested world with exploding data (footprint) is turning digital citizens into data enthusiasts. While visual stories can be tuned to convey a skewed story, it can always be challenged with democratization of data and the self-service analytics BI tools available today. Data is the new oil or the language of public acceptance and the journey has just begun.


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